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  • Dolores Glover Kaufman
    10 images
    I generally work in series and each series begins with a seed - a singular arrangement of pixels that will be transmuted into a number of discreet expressions by re-arranging the pixels. The seed image is invariably something very ordinary, something close at hand that I have scanned into the computer or captured with my camera. For me, art is a dance that includes artist, subject, and medium. Each contributes inspiration toward the final result as we take turns leading and following. If I let subject and medium speak to me and through me I also become the medium. For me the word "medium" is closely associated to its use in the occult, as it is my way of conversing with past, present, and future -  a conversation without words.
  • Greg Klamt
    6 images
    I integrate traditional art media with digital painting techniques to create visual stories I call "Possible Moments in Improbable Worlds." I am inspired by a reverence for nature, a fascination with texture, and an affection for the absurd. To see more, please visit
  • Joe Nalven
    8 images
    Joe Nalven has been concentrating on image intensification by wedding a keen photographic eye with recompositing his imagery in Photoshop, emphasizing color, collage/montage, as well as using filters and blend modes in unanticipated ways. He also uses surface texture to integrate the various elements within the emerging image.This body of work -- World Identity Cards -- draws on his professional training as an ethnographer and immigration researcher. Several of these images are drawn from his ethnographic field work in Cali, Colombia during the 1970s. With respect to human migration -- which has been a constant throughout the emergence of human society -- Nalven looks beyond identification cards we all possess, whether credit cards, Social Security cards, or passports. One can imaging the society of the future allowing for a World Identity Card -- one that recognizes the public face of an individual, but allowing the individual to move freely throughout the world. Whether or not such a global society is feasible, the artist can imagine what such an identity card might look like. These are some exemplars for a more accepting global community. 
  • Bob Snell
    10 images
    The satisfaction I derive from digital photography and manipulating the images in Photoshop is very addictive. I need to spend time with the creation of new images on a daily basis. Experimenting with different combinations of filters and tonal shades, allows me to change the image into a totally different feeling. The "Old House" in this series, was shot at high noon, without a backlighting and fencing. Printing on different materials such as canvas, brushed aluminum and laminating to plexi-glass, is also exciting in the way that it presents different effects. has been very helpful in these different printing techniques. More examples of my work can be viewed at ."Enjoy the journey"
  • Renata Spiazzi
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    I am an admirer of fractals. They are something that I cannot do in any other way but with the help of a computer. I am fascinated by shapes, and through fractals I can create shapes I would never have thought of if I started with pencil and paper, or a blob of clay. I wish I had the possibility of working with a computer when I went to school. I could have been a genius. I guess I was born too soon. I work in series. When I have a design I like to pursue its development and see what I can find in it. I also like to create a composition, not just an object. This series shows my latest search into the fractal world. I call it "Joyous Moments" More variety of my creativity can be found at: Renata Spiazzi
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San Diego to Belgrade by Vladimir Konecni

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I was thrilled
to find that
art photography
travels well
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